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Ever since I met Kingking, I have a new zest of life. My life is now so positive compared to a few months ago when I was struggling to deal with all the many symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Before commencing my treatment with Kingking I had struggle to cope with every day to day task, due to extreme muscular pain all over my body, fatigue and general weakness. Waking up every morning was getting too much for me to bare. During this time I was also suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel and was due for the first operation on my right hand.

The sad thing about my condition is that no-one seems to understand as I have no outward physical signs to back up my groans of pain and people seem to thing I am coping. The day I met kingking was a glorious day I felt as if God has answered all my prayers. I've now been having treatment with kingking for over 4 months. Kingking uses a treatment called myofascial release therapy with a combination of deep breathing and Thai yoga massage. This course of treatment has given me a new zest of life. In general I feel stronger and more energetic after each treatment. My second operation for my left hand has been cancel as the treatment with kingking has cured my carpel tunnel.

I cannot thank kingking enough for all she has done. Thank you kingking for listening and understanding my condition.I am truly grateful not only for the restoration of the general health of my body but also of my mind. I look forward to joining your wonderful yoga sessions to further enhance my wellbeing.


I have been practising with King King for about two years now, and I found her teaching to be very profound and inspirational. King King brings a sense of calm and peace in her teaching. She is very detailed with her instructions and constantly encouraging us to be mindful in our practice. Her hands on adjustment is absolutely superb, and I greatly benefited from her classes by learning the proper alignment and hence a deeper expression of the posture.

King King is very passionate, dedicated and really care about the wellbeing of her students. She has continuously offered words that have pushed me deeper into my practice, to work to my maximum but with much awareness and without harming myself.

I am very fortunate to have King King as my yoga teacher. She is one of the best yoga teachers I have known! I highly recommend King King.


The restorative class run by king king is truly an experience I would recommend to anyone. It helps me to refocus my energy and relax. The use of the props really help to support this. The duration of the session goes far too quickly and I could quite happily stay in the poses for hours. Thanks king king!



For some 3 years, I had been enduring the excruciating pains from my back originating from the region between L4 & L5, hampering my daily mobility. I have sought a multitude of cures, ranging from physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and medication. Pain-killers and pain-relieving gels became instead my daily must-haves. In my last visit to the Orthopaedic surgeon early in March this year, desperation finally succumbed me to the dictate of an operation to be performed in December 2013.

While in London in mid-2013, a kind pharmacist friend, a Yoga enthusiast herself, told my wife of the goodness of Yoga for general health well-being and perhaps Yoga could even be the answer to my long suffering. Until then, I was a Yoga Sceptic. In the past, I regarded Yoga as not a good enough exercise for man, effeminate, too gentle and too benign on muscles to toughen. Through this good soul, I was introduced to King King, a Senior Yoga Instructor in Cheam Village (Surrey). She gave me the first set of Yoga exercises followed by integrated Myo-fascia release therapy and Thai massage. The immediate effect was scintillating. I at once felt that my body was stretched backed to proper coordinates, feeling less stiffness and less twisted up. I could walk a little longer before pain set in. However, relief wore off the next day. Following the advice of King King, I faithfully kept up with the daily Yoga exercise and the weekly integrated Myo-fascia release therapy and Thai massage. Soon after, a turning point began to be noticeably felt. The relief from pain and stiffness, seemed momentarily at the outset, began to straddle over a longer and longer period.

Three months later, I was back in Singapore and returned to face the Orthopaedic Surgeon. Lo and behold, my current MRI shows that between L4 and L5, some sign of healing is taking place. The nerves and blood vessels are back in their proper canal showing less of a crushing by the degenerating soft tissues. I walked away with the happiest verdict in life – NO OPERATION is necessary at this stage unless further degeneration sets in!

This whole episode drives me to the full and humble acceptance of the SOFT POWER OF YOGA AND ITS HEALING and now I am an AVID NOVICE, rigorously and conscientiously practising Yoga every evening before retiring, to allow the body after exercise, an opportunity to heal during restful sleep The path is firmly set towards a fuller recovery. Complete recovery will be a bonus as my problem is one of ageing and degeneration. But now, each morning I get up with joy and hope to welcome a new day without scrambling for pain-killers and gel!.

My heartfelt thanks must go to both our pharmacist friend and King King.

King King is very sincere in stretching out her helping hand, with a strong conviction in what she does. I am truly indebted to her. Her dedication to her practice is most admirable. Even now I am in Singapore, she still emailed me the correct Yoga poses and instructions guiding me each step along the way.


Chong Kim Chang
December 01, 2013

"I suffer from frequent back and neck pain and tense muscles. After visiting King King for Thai massage many times I'd highly recommend her without hesitation - she is unfailingly professional and cares about her work. The quality of the massage is fantastic, and the feeling of well-being and lightness afterwards must be experienced. I simply don't want to leave after my 2 hours are over. Highly recommended! - Edgar"


King King's yoga class is the most rewarding that I have ever attended. She understands everybody's level of ability and constantly challenges individuals. After each practice I feel regenerated.
Her private massage left me feeling like a million dollar. She assessed a long term foot pain issue (plantar fasciitis) and as a result of her treatment I am now completely pain free.


King King combines gentle encouragement with a profound knowledge and belief which is inspiring. The classes are a 'sweet moment' in a busy and demanding week and find I leave class with a sense of well-being and much food for thought. The sense of self-awareness continues and develops and is increasingly becoming a thread in everyday life. Through my work I have met many many teachers and I find King King's calm and positive teaching exceptional and inspiriational.


I have attended yoga classes for nearly 12 years and have yet to meet a teacher as good as King King. The peace and calm she radiates and passes to her pupils is superb. I am having a hip replacement operation soon after several years of pain and am convinced I have managed without surgery for so long because of the care and expertise I have received in KIng King’s classes. Well done you are much appreciated


I have been attending King King’s classes for three years and find her to be encouraging without being pushy, her instruction is clear and understandable, backed up with excellent demonstration and explanation. I feel more relaxed, emotionally brighter and generally healthier and look forward to my weekly yoga sessions.


I am a relative newcomer to Yoga and have improved immensely by attending King Kings’ Yoga classes. Her style of yoga is quite exhilarating and I always leave her weekly sessions both invigorated and energised.

It has also helped me to become more relaxed and better able to face and deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life as well as improving my physical health, strength and flexibility.


I joined King King's yoga classes a year ago as a complete novice and as someone who had avoided regular exercise for years. I was quite worried about the prospect of joining as a beginner but from the first class, King King's clear instructions and demonstrations enabled me to join in fully. I quickly appreciated the benefits of yoga relaxation techniques, which always leave me feeling calm, rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

King King patiently demonstrates and describes each new posture, step-by-step, so that we can all follow and achieve the postures at our own pace. As a result of the yoga classes, my body feels toned, strengthened and more supple and my mind feel restored and refreshed.

I would thoroughly recommend King King's classes to both beginners and experienced practitioners of yoga.


King King's yoga class is just right for me at the moment. I can work to my own strengths and build on my weaknesses. Yoga is a very gentle form of exercise and yet it can provide challenges for even the fittest members of the class. It is not competitive but I am encouraged to push myself to my own personal best. At the end of the class, I enjoy the lovely relaxation session which calms and refreshes the body, mind and spirit


I’m a man in my sixties and I took up yoga three years ago to help me recuperate from a major hip operation. It’s now part of my life, and I look forward to my class every week. I like the fact that everyone is made welcome and allowed to progress at their own rate. I find yoga stretching in more ways than one – it exercises the body and helps maintain flexibility, while also giving a sense of peace to the mind which lasts beyond the class. It is challenging but not competitive – what more could one want?


I have always thought Yoga a bit too soft for me. I attended Kingking’s class a few months ago when my martial art class was cancelled. I found that her class was just as challenging but without the sweat and injury that I often sustained in martial art. I’m now a convert!


I started to attend King King’s Yoga Classes a couple of months ago, I had never been to Yoga before and knew nothing about it, so I kept an open mind. I have found her classes to be extremely beneficial and enjoyable to obtain a better balance of mind and body, also in helping to strengthen and build the body muscles.

King King is a wonderful teacher, she helps everyone in the class, we are all at different levels, but there is never too much pressure on us to do anything we feel we are not capable of. She is also very patient and goes round to us all individually to help us with the various positions, posture etc. The most beneficial part for me is the meditation and relaxation part at the end of the class.


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