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Restorative Yoga Classes
Sunday 13th January 2019
7:00pm to 8:45pm

St John's Church Hall
Northdown Road, Belmont, SM2 6DY.

£18 per session
Sunday 10th February 2019
7:00pm to 8:45pm

St John's Church Hall
Northdown Road, Belmont, SM2 6DY.

£18 per session
Sunday 3rd March 2019
7:00pm to 8:45pm

St John's Church Hall
Northdown Road, Belmont, SM2 6DY.

£18 per session
Sunday 24th March 2019
7:00pm to 8:45pm

St John's Church Hall
Northdown Road, Belmont, SM2 6DY.

£18 per session
Restorative classes - Please book in advance & bring couple of blankets.

Please note once booked, 24 hours cancellation notice is required
or fee is chargeable and not refundable

Also available

One to one or small Yoga group class on request
One to one or small group Restorative Yoga class on request

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Foot Massage

Myofascial Release Therapy

Please email or call King King
for further information & to register

Mobile: 07970 025292

Terms and Conditions:

Drop-in Class:
This is a pay as you go way to attend regular classes, providing spaces are available.

6 Consecutive Classes Pack:
This is a discounted price class pack. You will be provided a place in the booked class for the consecutive 6 weeks (half terms and school holidays will not count). You may swap between classes in the same week, providing a space is available. However, one class will be deducted from the 6 Consecutive Classes Pack a week regardless of your attendance.

Restorative classes:
Book in advance to guarantee a place. A minimum of 24 hour cancellation notice is required or the full cost will be charged.

*Regrettably, no refunds for any classes missed or if you find you have to stop classes unexpectedly.

Restorative Yoga - Relax Restore and Renew

In our chronically and stressful society, we are constantly looking into ways to de-stress, to release tension and to reduce anxiety from our daily life. Our minds are so over stimulated and pre-occupied, inundated with stimuli and inputs. How can we begin de-stress and so relax? Restorative Yoga offers a powerful way to complete deep relaxation. Restorative Yoga is a constructive and yet passive yoga practice. The emphasis of Restorative yoga is not so much on doing but simply being. We know we are doing too much in our hectic lives, multi-tasking endlessly, Restorative Yoga is a time to slow down and to allow the body and the mind to be restored and to recharged.
Restorative yoga postures are gentle and mainly floor base, begin by setting up the right physical and psychological conditions to stimulate the relaxation responses; a warm, dark, quiet, calm and secure environment, using props such as bolster, blankets, block, chair, strap to support and hold the body in the most comfortable and supportive way, allowing time in each posture for the body to sink and melt into the support. When the body is being supported, the muscles become more willing to let go and release tensions, allowing relaxation to kick in. The breath becomes slow, smooth and deep, the mind becomes calm and steady, soothing and calming the nervous system from our fight or flight mode, this naturally activates the parasympathetic nervous system which brings, deep relaxation in the body and mind.

Restorative Yoga promotes rest and deep relaxation, which helps to restore and nourish the vital organs in our body, giving the body an opportunity to renew and heal, improving our digestive system, boost the immune system, increased breath awareness, slows the heart rate, lower blood pressure, alleviate anxiety and stress, it also helps with insomnia. A regular Restorative Yoga practice will make the body less vulnerable to stress related illness and promoting overall well being.

Restorative Yoga is a good complimentary practice to any active yoga practitioner, but you don't have to do yoga to gain the benefits. Restorative Yoga postures are gentle and supported, it is not so much doing but simply being, having the willingness to let go and move into stillness.


I’m a 50 year-old man with plentiful home and professional responsibilities and an increasingly creaky body, not helped by a severe bout of food poisoning some years ago which somehow “dried me out”. My sleep is generally sub-optimal. My mind can be unhelpfully lively.

Restorative yoga with a sympathetic, skilled practitioner has helped me to re-centre myself. Combining meditative quiet, separation from normal daily anxieties, darkness, gentle breathing and ingenious use of the bolster as a back support has almost miraculous effects on my sleep, joints, muscle tension and my general sense of well-being. It’s helpful that my teacher King King can also identify where the main stress points on the body are: sometimes a slight twist to left or right; a different angle of supta baddha konasana; or a little pressure between the shoulder blades makes a big difference. I’m grateful to have discovered restorative yoga and am looking forward to maintaining my practice.


The restorative class run by king king is truly an experience I would recommend to anyone. It helps me to refocus my energy and relax. The use of the props really help to support this. The duration of the session goes far too quickly and I could quite happily stay in the poses for hours. Thanks king king!


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